If you are interested in beads for now, please email me at: beads@irisglass.com and we can talk.

Soon, I will post some pictures of beads that you can customize. If you see a purple bead with black dots, but you want a red bead with light blue dots, I can do that, or almost anything else you can imagine!

For the time being, simple beads up to a half inch will be $10.00 per bead, and from a half inch to three-quarters of an inch will be $20.00 per bead. Larger beads and fancy beads will be priced on an individual basis. (The floral petal beads are fancy, as are figural and specially shaped beads, those having larger raised dots, complicated patterns and other special features that take longer to create.)

If you ask for a custom bead that I can sell elsewhere, and you don't like it once you see it, not to worry . . . we'll try again!

Here's a prototype rooster bead